1. www.yogamhousing.com web site has been designed and created  with an utmost care by an Individual Entrepreneur to provide more valuable and user friendly inputs/information & support to buyers and sellers more carefully and integrate entire process smoothly. The web site will also help the buyer to ease out entire selection/purchase process of a particular property in a specific location as per their own choice with affordable budget.  Therefore, contents highlighted in the web site matches in a maximum way to protect buyer and seller. If any error found in any parameter(s) highlighted will be corrected by us time to time based on property owner’s feed-back and www.yogamhousing.com has complete right to alter/modify or change in any parameter at any point of time to highlight correctly.
  2. Register and Log in Option provided in the www.yogamhousing.com web site.   New User can create and keep their own login User Name and Password credential with them in a more protective manner to visit our site  and get our valuable support at any point of time. www.yogamhousing.com will not disclose any user credential which we have received at our end to any agencies/market/individual(s) at any point of time.  But www.yogamhousing.com has complete right to protect themselves more carefully, if any issue raised by anybody from market by way of sorting out  the issues more amicably and user friendly. Our decision is final in this aspect based on valuable truth.  
  3. www.yogamhousing.com web site provides all market’s valuable information based on our own experience in the field which will help the people to take their own decisions on their own to select or drop any property highlighted in our web site.  We will not insist any buyer to buy any property listed in our web site at any point of time. But, we will suggest and extend all our support to buyers in the entire process after selection of a property through our web site till possession.
  4. Photographs of any property displayed in our site will help the buyer to see and make decision towards buying of a particular property. Also, Price level given against each property in www.yogamhousing.com web site is subject to change based on market demand/property owner(s) feed-back etc. www.yogamhousing.com will not have any control over the price level displayed against each property but extend our valuable support to negotiate with the property owner which will in turn help the buyer (s) to select the property and buy successfully.
  5. Photographs/videos highlighted in www.yogamhousing.com should not be scaled since it is an elevation effect  and www.yogamhousing.com has complete right to modify or remove the same at any point of time if any feed-back come to us from property owner(s).  Further, Photograph/videos will help the buyer to get a visual effect of a particular property. Buyer should visit the site and decide on their own to select after seeing the property physically.  We will try to extend site visit support to buyers based on their request on free of cost. 
  6. Business processing fee/charges will be decided by www.yogamhousing.com in a nominal manner only after selection of a property, case to case basis. Our valuable Service Support will be extended to all our valuable buyer(s) after selection of a property through us to gain our brand image in the market.  We will try to ensure our service support under one to one and end to end manner to all. 
  7. www.yogamhousing.com will not be responsible for any misbehaving aspects in the reflection of any property or any contents while going through our web site since our Web Site’s support is depending on many valuable keys/parameters of operations and software related behaviors etc.
  8. www.yogamhousing.com will keep all the data received at our end from market more confidentially and we will not disclose the same to anybody which will  develop and maintain our brand in the market more reliability.
  9. www.yogamhousing.com has been developed and projected through web site form to extend valuable support to all in a more user friendly manner by way of displaying available properties in the market. We will try to ensure to give a best support to all people in the market in realty platform which will help us to enhance our brand in people’s mind more successfully. 
  10. www.yogamhousing.com has complete right to add/delete/modify any contents in the terms conditions clauses or web site at any point of time without any information.
  11. Price per sq.ft./total value of a property/flat(s) size/availability/applicable charges in terms of registration/floor level/prime location/taxes/amenities & possession date etc., given based on property owner’s feed-back only and www.yogamhousing.com will have a complete right to maintain this always. Any error observed in the above mentioned parameters will be taken care and corrected by us based on market/property owner’s feed-back time to time.