1. The contents designed and given in the www.yogamhousing.com web site of properties more carefully which should match equivalent values highlighted in the web site as per the information received at our end from Property owners. Yogamhousing has a complete right to create/modify or change any contents/values based on the originality of a property time to time after necessary check.
  2. The photographs of a particular property with the price level given against a property is an equivalent level to the price designed originally subject to market change and variations periodically. The price tag will be checked periodically and corrected at our end or it will maintain the average level of price intervals.
  3.  www.yogamhousing.com is a user friendly web site and we always create and protect values of people viz property owner(s) and buyer(s) as well to the best of our knowledge. If we come across any market feed-back w.r.t. to any contents highlighted, we will check the originality of the feed-back at back end and do necessary correction subsequently time to time.
  4. www.yogamhousing.com web site designed and created by the owner more carefully with valuable contents to serve as Realty consultants in the market which will help to uplift end user more carefully and protect their values.
  5. www.yogamhousing.com provides all market information and buyer expectation levels based on market study and highlight the same suitably through blog which will help the buyer to understand market situation and buy a property which will create more values after purchase
    and protect them.